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What you Should know about Solar Energy

Behind a sustainable energy future it is solar energy that is the key to achieve it. Find out more on what you should know about solar energy.

What you Should know about Solar Energy

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Renewable Energy a Step towards a Greener Future

Renewable energy contributes greatly in generating power. Find out more on how renewable energy is a step towards a greener future.

Renewable Energy a Step towards a Greener Future

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A Practical Toolkit to Introduce Renewable Energy to Low-Income Communities

Many public housing communities in various parts of the USA either do not have access to Clean energy, or their costs exceed the budget available to them. In such situations, it becomes necessary to provide them with renewable energy by utilizing the Federal and State grants and incentives available to solar developers to serve such residential customers. Not only is it a cheaper alternative to many conventional means in the long run, but it also creates a self-sufficient environment that can help areas thrive.

Low-income communities tend to benefit the most from these. Here are some ways they can benefit from them:

Solar Energy

Solar energy can be converted into electric energy using photovoltaic panels. The process is fairly optimal and is one of the most environmentally clean solutions for renewable energy. The go-to solution for powering various components and lighting up low-income communities is solar energy produced at Privately owned and financed Community solar farms.

An array of solar panels.

With an extensive enough setup, larger areas can easily be accommodated with enough energy for comfortable residence and communal development in low-income areas. Working with a professional team with adequate experience can help with maximum yield and efficient installation.

Energy Efficient Lighting

One of the most basic solutions to improve the state of renewable energy is to conserve the energy already available. Energy-efficient lighting provides significant savings, consuming around 10% of the energy that incandescent bulbs take up. They also last fairly longer due to less heat production and more reliable, modern components.

Using better LEDs and smart controls is a great way of promoting the use of renewable energy and instilling a proper behavioral change in the concept.

Solar Thermal Water Heaters

Another great use of solar energy is to use of solar thermal water heaters. They’re an excellent way of reducing the need for other means to heat water, transferring heat from the sun to heat the water in communities. They’re mounted on the roof and are connected to a control unit and a water tank.

Heat falls on the collector, aka the solar panel, which then gets transferred to the water. All of the hot water is stored in an appropriate tank to be used later on.

Larsen Engineers is a Rochester-based business. We offer climate smart green designs for LEED-certification municipal engineering services, anaerobic digestion design services, structural engineering services, construction phase services, consulting engineering services, and civil and environmental engineering to our clients.

Our climate-smart community planning consultants are focused on helping out communities and sparking change for a better future. Get in touch with us today.

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Renewable Energy Improves Energy Conservation and Efficiency

Energy procured from natural and renewable resources is known as renewable energy. Environmentally friendly, economically viable, and with long-term benefits, renewable energy is also a means to improve energy conservation and efficiency. One of the foremost energy-saving solutions is to switch to renewable energy and achieve efficiency.

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is derived from reusable natural resources abundantly available on earth. In contrast, non-renewable energy is procured from natural gas and coal, which are available only in a limited quantity for a limited time.

Some of the common sources of renewable energy are:

  1. Hydro
  2. Solar
  3. Wind
  4. Biomass
  5. Biogas

While solar and wind energy has an unlimited supply naturally, hydro energy is secured by wastewater treatment and rainwater treatment. As per statistics, the wind would be able to produce as much as 35 percent of America’s electricity in 20 years.

Biomass and biogas are procured by converting waste into energy resources, and companies who advocate and encourage energy-efficient practices invest heavily to obtain renewable energy through biomass/biogas.


How Renewable Energy Improves Efficiency and Conservation?

First, we need to understand that energy efficiency and conservation are two different things. While the former refers to the smart utilization of energy, the latter refers to preventing waste and storing it. In essence, both efficiency and conservation aim for the same thing (reduce energy consumption and waste), but the means are different.

As of 2018, Americans wasted two-thirds of the energy that was produced. With the help of renewable energy, we can opt to save energy and reduce the harmful effects caused by non-renewable energy.


Renewable Energy Yields More

Efficiency in terms of production, renewable energy has increased its production capacity up to 22 GWs in the last few years. Due to its better production capacity, renewable energy now fulfills 19 percent of the world’s demand.

Wind turbine


Renewable Energy is Environmental Friendly

The toxic gases produced due to the burning of fossil fuels are a health hazard and damaging to the wellbeing of the planet. Renewable energy, through its eco-friendly means, eliminates the risks associated with non-renewable energy.


Be Efficient and Conserve for Tomorrow

Due to these benefits of renewable energy, it has become one of the most practical sources of energy. By installing energy-efficient appliances, managing energy consumption, and moving to renewable energy resources for residential and commercial needs, we can protect the environment from the detrimental impact of non-renewable energy – some of which are already evident in the form of pollutants and air quality.

We at Larsen Engineers take pride in our ‘Green is Gold’ philosophy as we offer energy planning and consultancy services. Our goal is to help our clients achieve better financial results by opting for renewable energy projects and energy conservation solutions. Get in touch with us today to know more about the sustainable development approach.

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