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Larsen Engineers has been providing Civil–Environmental Engineering services for over 60 Years with demonstrated leadership and passion for sustainability and Green design. With concern for the environment and resource conservation came Larsen’s “Green is Gold” philosophy. On staff LEED accredited professionals and Certified Energy Managers look for Innovative measures that reduce cost, improve the work environment and save natural resources.

The GREEN IS GOLD Philosophy

Gold symbolizes long term economic value, financial stability and sustainability. Green technologies give us an opportunity to create healthy and energy efficient facilities. We learn to use free natural resources such as land, sunshine, air and water to help us become energy independent. Self reliance in energy reduces dependence on utility companies and increasingly costly energy delivery. With climate change it is essential that we use renewable energy resources and reduce our impact on nature. The money saved via Green efforts will promote economic development and provide sustainable solutions.

Saving Money through Energy Conservation and Green Power Generation

“Green is Gold” gives emphasis to the high return on investment, long term profitability and future cost savings from reduction of energy consumption and conversion to sustainable alternative solar, wind, and geothermal energy sources.

Larsen would enjoy the opportunity to visit your business to present our “Green is Gold” philosophy and get you on your way to saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. Contact Us Today and we will show you the benefits.