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Larsen’s Private Sector efforts include work with many local nationally-acclaimed architectural firms, institutional entities and local businesses. Services include site development, permitting, planning, survey & mapping, water supply and wastewater disposal, environmental analysis as well as construction phase administration and observation.


     • YMCA of Greater Rochester

     • Bausch & Lomb

     • Massachusetts Electric Company

     • South Bristol Resorts

     • Swain Ski Resort

     • US Salt

“Larsen addressed the myriad of technical and regulatory issues for our projects with thoroughness and professionalism. Their commitment to the YMCA’s mission and vision was always paramount as demonstrated in the quality of work and services they provided” – O.C., Sr. Vice President, YMCA
“It is an honor to be one of the clients of the fine firm. Bravo, Larsen…” – K.S., YMCA of America

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