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Municipal and Community Engineering

As a society, we now demand better environmental accountability than in the past. We care about our neighborhoods, our workplace and our communities. We value our open space and recreation, clean air and clean water.


For over 60 years Larsen Engineers has focused on community engineering and all the related services such as municipal engineering as well to support strong and viable communities. Larsen continues to provide innovative and cost effective solutions tailored to the needs of clients, with special emphasis on sustainability in New York.


Sustainable communities are attractive to residents and businesses. They create a healthy environment, conserve energy, promote recycling, protect natural resources, reduce reliance on the automobile, provide recreational opportunities, and plan for the future.

Specializing in several disciplines, the municipal engineering firm offers a broad range of services. Larsen is currently working with several communities on energy management plans, designing alternative energy sources, treating storm water, preserving open space, maintaining and improving water supply, wastewater facilities and infrastructure, while assisting with project funding. Larsen also assists with LEED Certification for projects. If you require the services of our Rochester based municipal engineering company, connect with us now.

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