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March 14, 2024: Climate Smart Notes

Larsen Engineers is partnering with smallMatters Institute to launch Climate Smart Notes, an innovative initiative that solves the challenges off early stage project funding for green infrastructure projects. The US Department of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that local governments often hesitate to embrace green infrastructure due to a lack of experience regarding optimal financing options.

Climate Smart Notes is a pilot program to attract local social and environmentally friendly impact investors to support green infrastructure projects throughout Western/Central New York and the Finger Lakes Region. Similar to other “Main Street Capital” or peer-to-peer lending programs, all local investments help to increase working capital for established green infrastructure companies like Larsen Engineers.

Ram Shrivastava, the CEO of Larsen Engineers says that addressing the gaps in green infrastructure financing is paramount for realizing its potential in lowering energy costs and mitigating environmental impacts. Through collaborative efforts and innovative financing mechanisms—like Climate Smart Notes—communities can overcome these market barriers and enable more green infrastructure projects to get off the drawing board and into our neighborhoods.

September 29, 2:30 pm, Climate Change: The Changing Landscape – EVENT CLOSED

Ram Shrivastava and Bruce Gilman gave a talk about Climate Change and Landscape, followed by a community conversation on the same topic.

This program engaged the community, inviting participants to consider and discuss the effects of climate change on the local landscape, including changes over the past 100 years and the expected changes to local landscape going forward.

This special program, while different from our others, brought important and significant content to the community. The community conversation gave the audience a chance to participate, ask questions, learn, and find ways to effect change within their own community.

The event was free with paid admission. A half-price gate fee of $7.50 began at 2 pm.

Post-Event Comment:

The presentation went well as a small group of dedicated people shared their time with us and discussed the serious topic of Climate change adaptation. Seeking a circular economy with the triple bottom line was well received. Enjoyed sharing my thoughts – Ram Shrivastava

Other News

Larsen is supporting the Rochester “ ROC-EV” Initiative for promoting electric vehicles by committing to install a charging station at our office building with assistance from future State programs.

Larsen is working with Clean Energy Communities to plan Clean fuel vehicles as part of Climate smart program, supported with NY State grants.