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Crime Laboratory, LEED Platnum Building
Monroe County, Rochester, New York 

Larsen provided topographic survey mapping and designed the site work for the County’s new Crime Lab Building, located at the corner of Plymouth Avenue and Broad Street. Larsen’s scope included relocation of a 24-inch diameter combined sewer, compliance with NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation’s Phase 2 Stormwater regulations, design of a pervious concrete pavement parking lot and obtaining the permit from the NYS Department of Transportation for road access for three driveways from the site. Larsen also prepared necessary paperwork for the abandonment of School Alley. Larsen is a team member for this LEED for the project.


Drum Road Upgrade
Helemano Military Reservation to Kahuku Training Area, Hawaii

This project provided for upgrading an existing single lane dirt road approximately 23.4 miles long to a two-lane, hard surface road for use by military personnel and the public for access between the Helemano Military Reservation and the Kahuku Training Area on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Larsen’s role in the project included analysis of the project to determine applicability of “green” design concepts and compliance with the US Army Corps of Engineers SPiRiT program for sustainable design. Following a field reconnaissance of the site, Larsen conducted a detailed SPiRiT analysis and prepared a report with recommendations. This was followed by a review of the contract plans and specifications to verify incorporation of “green” design parameters into the project.


Comprehensive Thompson Hall Structural Design and Site Plan
LEED Gold Building 
State University of New York at Brockport, Brockport, New York

As a sub consultant to Pathfinder Engineers, Larsen Engineers performed the structural design, including foundation for the new elevator, structural steel framing, entry canopies, verification of roof capacity, interior and exterior lintels and removal of bearing walls during the renovation of this 80,000 SF dormitory. Work also included site plan work for a new sidewalk and elevator pit as wells as an erosion control plan. A rainwater harvesting system and permeable pavement parking lot installed as part of the LEED certification. Thompson Hall was certified as a Silver LEED building as part of this project. Approximate Construction Cost was $15 million.

our unique project example of retrofitting an old plant with new Green technology

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