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Larsen advocated the use of sanitary landfill liners, leachate collection, and treatment systems long before the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation made these requirements mandatory for solid waste management.

Solid waste management strategy – from source separation through regional energy recovery facilities – has been a part of the Larsen Portfolio for many years.

Larsen has been very active in designing solid waste management facilities for waste recycling and reuse. Larsen’s goal is to apply Green principles to waste reuse as compared to disposing at the landfill.

Larsen has conducted community wide waste management studies to identify increased waste paper recovery, collection of fats, oils and grease from food establishments for biodiesel feedstock, and vermi-composting of sludge solids to produce high value fertilizer.

Management of Farm waste from Dairy Industry can be done with anaerobic digestion for energy recovery and composting for conversion to natural fertilizer for application on farm land. Recycle and reuse of the solid waste saves energy, reduces costs and help reduce the carbon foot print. Larsen can also help clients deal with multiple waste management issues such as; Waste recycling, landfill gas monitoring, leachate management, anaerobic digestion, biogas energy generation, Grant funding applications, public outreach and education and operational phase engineering support.

Read the President of Larsen’s article in Manure Management Magazine: “Manure Has Hidden Gold Within” by Ram Shrivastava

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