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Structural Design of Repairs Station 55
Railroad Street, Rochester, New York

Station 55 is a newly renovated 60,000 SF warehouse that was originally built in the 1880’s. The structure consists of large (16″x16″) Chestnut timber frame which supports an exo-skeleton of Salmon brick. Larsen’s role in Station 55 consisted of the design of repairs to fire damaged floors, structural reinforcement for lateral loads, design of exterior pilasters and shoring of the roof with TJI’s to prevent collapse.

The interior space of station 55 was an adaptive re-use of the building consisting of modular storage units in the lower level, open-air market stalls on the first floor, and artist lofts on the second floor. Larsen was responsible for the design of a three story elevator to meet ADA requirements.

The industrial/urban aesthetic created at Station 55 is meant to both inspire and fascinate artists and non-artists alike.


Wooster Science Building Structural Renovations
State University of New York at New Paltz
State University Construction Fund, New Paltz, New York

As a sub consultant to Croxton Collaborative Architects, PC, Larsen Engineers tasks on this project include structural and site work as part of the renovations on the Wooster Science Building. The structural work is rather significant as it includes a mechanical penthouse being added to the roof, a building addition to the West and North Side of the building, reconfiguration of the exterior of the building with new North and South entries, skylight openings to let light throughout the core of the building, new elevator and bridge connection to the Engineering Building. Larsen was also responsible for hazardous materials testing and reports, and survey of interior and exterior of the building. The current project cost estimate is around $27million with an anticipated start of construction in 2012. Wooster Hall is currently undergoing LEED certification as part of this project.

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