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Construction-PhaseSenior personnel in Larsen’s Construction Group have a wealth of experience; gained in the field at the project sites, and in some cases from past experience as contractors. The group has developed an understanding of what can or cannot be done with people, materials and equipment in a given situation. This allows them to anticipate problems in advance and head them off, as well as handle those unanticipated situations that often occur in the construction phase of a project.

Senior personnel from Larsen utilize their wealth of experience to gain insight on the project itself and what is required from the company. With their past experiences as contractors, the group is able to understand details that a layman may not, and are able to narrow down the materials, equipment and manpower that will be needed for the project in advance.

This service in the construction phase allows us to iron out the issues and anticipate any problems that may need to be handled. We never approach any project without ensuring that we have all aspects of that assignment completely under our control. Feel free to connect with us for more on our construction phase and construction management services offered in Rochester, NY.

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