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The employees at Larsen Engineers incorporate alternative sustainable thinking at the work place.

Green Meetings have been set up to discuss how to reduce greenhouse gas footprints both at home and in the office.  In doing so, Larsen partnered with CoolRochester and taken the “Cool Challenge” which includes creating individual lifestyle action plans to help reduce over 1 Billion pounds of CO2 over the next three years.


For those that are interested in gardening, Larsen has created a small community garden where fresh vegetables are planted for all staff to enjoy. An indoor herb garden also produces fresh greens all year long!

Additional internal Green projects include:

  • A rigorous recycling program
  • A comprehensive composting program
  • A green roof display
  • Creation of a “Greening Larsen Task Force” to develop and incorporate future “Green” practices. Among the initiatives being discussed are pervious pavement in our parking lot, solar power, a bike rack and changing facility for staff interested in biking to work, and an electric vehicle charging station. Who knows what we will think of next!


The staff at Larsen Engineers are dedicated to making a better community in which to live! This starts with educating the public about sustainable practices and pitching in at local “Green” events.

Activities the employees at Larsen have been involved with in the local Community:

  • Larsen’s President, S. Ram Shrivastava, has been making “Green” presentations to schools, universities, municipalities and government agencies, and has been an invited speaker at many conferences.
  • Larsen staff have facilitated the creation of local “Green” task forces. These task forces harness community resources to promote public awareness, prepare sustainability plans and identify community betterment projects.
  • Larsen Engineers sponsors a section of the Canal Trail and participates in routine maintenance and trail cleanup.
  • Several Employees have volunteered their time building houses for Habitat for Humanity in Rochester.
  • Larsen has participated in the PENCIL Partnership Program at Rochester School 46 for last three years. The objective of the PENCIL Program is to create a Sustainability Lab at School 46 to provide hands on teaching of “Green” technologies.


 Larsen  recently designed  a Green wall at I-square Imaginarium building in Town of Irondequoit NY

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