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The Grim Reality of the World’s Water Wastage and Opportunity to Conserve and Recycle

On planet earth, water is life.

From the cells in our bodies that we need to function properly, to the crops in the fields that need it to survive, water plays a crucially important role in society and it’s impossible to imagine life without it.

However, despite being a truly priceless commodity, water is also the one resource that we waste the most. From old leaky water supply mains, taking long baths to ignoring leaky faucets and fixtures, communities waste an astonishingly high amount of water! What makes matters worse is that the vast majority of this wasted water can easily be recycled and conserved!

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Vermiculture: When the Wriggling Down-to-Earth Red Worms Feast for Good!

A messed up kitchen; food scraps here and there and stinking vegetable and fruit peels lying near the sink.

Collecting the waste, you walk to the trashcan to dispose it all off.

But just wait before you throw it away!

That food waste is only going to add to the nation’s trash. Worse, it will sit on the landfills, doing absolutely nothing…instead occupying unnecessary space that which can better be used for the trash (more serious trash—the likes of plastic) that finds its way into your local streams and rivers.

Why let the food waste stink your apartment and then your community landfill, when you can put it to much better use?

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