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3 Sustainable Design Trends Used in Affordable Housing Electrification and Green Energy Conservation and Generation

More and more facilities are becoming conservative about their resource consumption, taking major approaches to push for sustainability. Many of these design trends have also been implemented across various affordable housing schemes. Not only do these use reusable elements, but they focus on getting zero emissions, reducing power consumption, and making a huge difference.

These are some of the most common design trends found across affordable housing communities for sustainability:

Green Roofs

Many major housing communities are opting for green roofing to take on sustainable strategies. They have numerous advantages. Plants help with temperature regulation, allowing buildings to use less power for cooling. Similarly, they’re great for absorbing water during rainy seasons.

An additional advantage is that these plants clean up the environment, allowing people to come to relax in the area. The fresh air and calming environment are additional perks. Depending on the roof’s area, you can opt for either partial setups or complete coverups.

Renewable Energy via Solar Panels

Affordable housing communities are also taking the initiative to adopt clean energy, and lower their carbon emissions by opting for renewable forms of energy. Considering that they require constant energy to keep vital systems running, there’s a necessity for energy storage. For this, communities are now using solar panels.

A large grid of solar panels.

In conjunction with green roofs, they’re setting up solar panels that can cover nearly 30% of their electric utilities. Moreover, solar panels can also help meet their electricity needs at night.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Affordable housing communities are opting for energy-efficient lighting solutions, replacing incandescent bulbs with more energy-efficient bulbs. These take up significantly less power and provide a longer lifespan while offering the same intensity of light. Considering the large scale of many communities, replacing each unit is not an easy task but it has helped affordable housing communities save heavily on their bills.

At Larsen Engineers, we’re collaborating with affordable housing communities to implement energy-efficient methods for more sustainable means. We’re also helping out architectural firms, municipalities, and government agencies reduce their carbon footprint, ensuring the same level of productivity and results for their operations.

Reach out to us for community planning, energy conservation, and sustainable site development consultants today!   

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Why you should consider installing a green roof

Green Roofs have numerous ecological, societal and economical benefits. Here’s why you should consider installing a green roof.

Why you should consider installing a green roof

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The Importance Of Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation is the smart and conscious decision to utilize less energy. Learn about the Importance of Energy Conservation.

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7 Benefits of Community Solar Energy Projects for the Low to Medium Income Families Surviving in Poor Environmental Conditions

While many homeowners and business organizations adopt environmentally sustainable practices, low-income families still do not have sufficient resources to reap the benefits of this green revolution. The initial investment required for a solar roof-powered building in Rochester, NY, is unaffordable for many working-class citizens who wish to use renewable energy daily. Community solar planning in Rochester offers the perfect alternative for these households. Here are a few benefits of these solar energy projects and the reason why they are worth the investment.

1. Similar Benefits for Tenants

The installation of a solar panel is not possible on certain rented properties and homes without a suitable roof. A solar community project offers the same benefits to all the homes in the area, regardless of their living arrangement. Whether a family owns the property or not, they can utilize green energy for their daily household needs.

2. No Installation Hassles

Each homeowner doesn’t have to go through the trouble of installing solar panels. The entire community can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy from a single source.

3. Reduced Initial Cost

The homeowners within New York’s communities can purchase solar panels on flexible financing terms due to the incentives offered by NYSERDA. This will make solar energy much more affordable for low to medium-income households across the state.

Community solar project

4. Lower Energy Bills

Utility bills account for a large portion of the monthly expenditures for any low-income household. With the help of a community solar plant, these bills can be substantially reduced, raising the living standard of these underprivileged areas.

5. Independent Communities

Community solar projects can make our neighborhoods independent and provide a constant supply of energy regardless of global market rate fluctuations.

6. Reduction in Pollution

Solar energy is an ultimately environmentally friendly alternative for fossil fuels and their derivatives. The air, water, and land pollution caused by fossil fuel consumption can be eliminated with countrywide community solar projects.

7. Reverse Climate Change

Fossil fuel production and consumption are the biggest culprits behind climate change. With the help of Larsen Engineers’ climate-smart community planning consultants, we can contribute to a green and sustainable tomorrow. Our clean energy community engineering services offer you many effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet from the catastrophic consequences of global warming.

Visit our website and learn more about our services.

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Solar Energy—At the Forefront of Fighting Climate Change

Solar panels are considered one of the most accessible, practical, and eco-friendly energy saving solutions choices. Replacing conventional sources of energy with solar panels on a large scale can potentially help combat global warming.

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A Quick Guide to NY-Sun Program for NYS Businesses

Almost every state in the country offers some kind of support program to businesses for their solar energy projects. But if you run a business in New York State, consider yourself privileged and “especially” fortunate. For the state offers one of the best commercial solar-support programs in the country in the form of NY-Sun.

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