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The Grim Reality of the World’s Water Wastage and Opportunity to Conserve and Recycle

On planet earth, water is life.

From the cells in our bodies that we need to function properly, to the crops in the fields that need it to survive, water plays a crucially important role in society and it’s impossible to imagine life without it.

However, despite being a truly priceless commodity, water is also the one resource that we waste the most. From old leaky water supply mains, taking long baths to ignoring leaky faucets and fixtures, communities waste an astonishingly high amount of water! What makes matters worse is that the vast majority of this wasted water can easily be recycled and conserved!

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Anaerobic Digesters at Farms: Turning Dung to Energy-Gold!

Where there are animals, there is animal waste.

And where there are lots of animals, places like farms, there are mountains of animal waste… mostly of dung.

According to the USDA, farms in the US produce more than 335 million tons of animal waste every year.  You can learn more about this with our education consulting services western new york.

Now imagine that waste sitting in the farmstead.

It will pollute the environment, and if there is a storm (and we have plenty of storms here in the US) it will runoff into local watersheds polluting our domestic water supplies.

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Wastewater 101: 7 Facts You Need to Know

Make no mistake about it; even though we live on a planet that is 75% water, it remains a finite resource. This is why we’ve taken countless steps to reduce the volume of wastewater so that we don’t exhaust the finite supply of clean water on our planet.

That being said, wastewater remains an alarmingly common problem as many remain oblivious to the dangers posed by this serious issue. The reason you’ll require wastewater collection services. Here are a few disturbing facts that will shine some light on the urgency of the situation and explain why wastewater demands immediate attention.

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