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How Larsen Engineers is Helping Save the Environment with Their Efforts to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

The truth is that small changes alone won’t be enough to rescue the earth. Institutional climate action is required to prevent global warming from exceeding the critical 2-degree Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) threshold.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should feel powerless or that your efforts are in vain. Reducing your individual carbon footprint can help soothe your anxiety about the climate by giving you some control. Even the simplest acts will help preserve our planet’s habitability. So, with that in mind, here’s how Larsen Engineers are doing their part in reducing our carbon footprint.

They are Helping Out with Syracuse, NY, Local Waterfront

Revitalization Program

In order to eliminate obstacles to sustainable development, the LWRP will amend municipal regulations and ordinances, give ideas, and identify projects that do so. It will also include sea level rise forecasts and resiliency measures in community planning. The NYS (New York State) and DOS (Department of State) (DOS) have financed this procedure under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.

The main purpose of the LWRP is to increase and promote public access to the waterfront and foster coastal resilience while minimizing the effects of future flooding and sea level rise. They are also trying to improve water quality, address related water quality issues, and reduce conflict between recreational and commercial waterfront users.

Larsen Engineers ( as sub-consultants)  are playing their part in the LWRP by focusing on renewable energy sources. They are also actively participating in stormwater recycling and reuse. Their main aim was to actively reduce the risk of floods and pollution migration in our urban environment due to the steadily rising impermeable fraction. In addition to providing fit-for-purpose water sources as an alternative to potable water supply, treatment of captured stormwater guarantees the dependability and sustainability of the water management in the area.

During the LWRP, Larsen Engineers also actively participated in the plantation of trees to reduce CO2 emissions and improve the overall aesthetics of the location. After all, scientists refer to trees as “carbon sinks” because as they grow, they absorb and store carbon from the air in their wood, plant material, and soil. Ultimately, trees significantly reduce our carbon footprint by absorbing a significant amount of carbon dioxide that would otherwise stay in the atmosphere.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, Larsen Engineers is doing its part in creating a more “green” and sustainable society. So, now is the time you do the same and give sustainable living a go. Hopefully, you’ll see the positive side of how living “green” can positively impact our environment and halt this abrupt and dangerous climate change!

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How Smart Municipal Leaders Work with Environmental Engineering Firms

The world’s most professional and productive municipalities have one factor in common: They’re led by adept municipal leaders.

Becoming a municipal leader comes with daunting responsibilities. Municipal leaders have to be consistent at improving their community standards. They have to enhance overall living conditions for the people and invest in the right, beneficial engineering projects.

All of this sounds quite overwhelming, right? After all, as a municipal leader, you’re in charge of making many decisions on behalf of your entire municipality. This is where environmental engineers can help you make wise decisions about community development, environmentally-friendly projects, and smart constructions.

Let’s learn why and how partnering with Larsen Engineer’s adept team of environmental engineers can help municipal leaders make a positive impact in their communities.

Smart Investments with High Productivity and ROI

As a municipal leader, you have to invest in engineering and management projects that don’t just benefit you, but the entire community. These investments have to be well-thought, properly researched, and vetted for risks and pitfalls.

Environmental engineers and consultants are extremely qualified at helping municipal engineers choose from a wide range of sustainable investment options. These include, but aren’t limited to, solar energy, anaerobic digestion, green design and development, LEED design, and more.

In addition, environmental engineers can come up with projects that guarantee high ROI for reinvestment purposes. From innovative rainwater harvesting systems to solid waste management, you can reach out to us for assistance in multidisciplinary environmental engineering.

Plan Thriving Projects

Municipalities in the 21st century are lucky to have technology as their main source for community development, but they’re also facing unique challenges.

Sustainable food supply, water preservation, and climate change are the three most noteworthy municipal challenges. These problems require efficient, long-lasting, and resilient design projects along with informed decision making.

Overcoming the above-mentioned challenges mandate community and municipal leaders to choose qualified environmental engineering firms such as Larsen Engineers. Our experience, resources, and talent can help you quickly achieve the desired results.

Boost your Professional Experience

Partnering with environmental engineers allows municipal leaders to diversify their experience and expertise by:

  • Getting better at devising solutions to various community issues along with having an independent view of alternatives
  • Manage and plan projects with diligence, code compliance, and professionalism
  • Taking care of paperwork requirements without wasting billable hours
  • Allot the right type of tasks and responsibilities to talented municipal staff according to their capabilities.

Result-Driven and Reliable Multi-Disciplinary Environmental Engineering Services in Rochester, NY

Strategic energy conservation projects can help communities across the US in lowering overall energy-led costs, pollution, greenhouse emissions, and a lot more! On-farm sustainability can help agricultural businesses and local farmers achieve a high productivity rate without wasting significant amounts of energy and water. We can also assist in getting no-interest loans approved for wastewater treatment plants.

Want to make your community cleaner, greener, safer, and more energy-efficient? Don’t overlook the importance of environmental engineering projects.

Learn more about our environmental management systems or contact us right away!

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Understanding the Environmental Responsibilities of Your Business

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a management concept that helps companies be socially accountable to different stakeholders, including the public. CSR activities also allow companies to integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations. Continue Reading

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The Difference Between Green Design and Sustainable Design—and Why Both Should Be Part of Your Next Project

The built environment is responsible for half of all greenhouse gas emissions. The construction and demolition of buildings produce 40% of all waste. If the global population reaches 9.6 billion by 2050, natural resources of three equivalent planets will be needed to maintain the current lifestyle. Continue Reading

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The Green New Deal for New York: Reviewing the Solar Adoption Targets

With the effects of climate change and global warming becoming increasingly apparent, Democratic lawmakers in the United States are developing coordination plans to overcome it.  One example of this is the Green New Deal announced by the governor of New York, in response to pressure from activist groups.

New York alone releases a total of 52 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, making it one of the most impactful cities in the entire country.  The Green New Deal calls for shifting financial and investment priorities from fossil fuels to renewable energy to reduce New York’s carbon footprint.

What Is The Deal Set To Achieve?

The Green New Deal is set to achieve a much bigger agenda than just counter the environmental crisis threatening the entire world. By substituting fossil fuels with renewable energy, the government plans to resolve unemployment and major political concerns in addition to global warming.

The plan is to power New York with renewable energy from wind, solar power and without any use of fossil fuels or nuclear power over coming decades. It intends to mobilize funds and communities to develop localized sources of renewable energy to decentralize the energy sector.

As they begin to implement the plan, the government hopes to reduce the amount of pollution by Green House Gases produced in New York State. It further hopes that the incentives provided to small-scale renewable energy producers; it will create employment and efficient methods of producing energy.

What Does This Imply For Energy Producers?

The cuts in tax burdens and access to capital sources will make it easier to invest in alternative energy production methods.  With these advantages, small energy producers have a unique business opportunity that’s never been seen in the United States. In light of this commitment, the governor of the state has approved $1.5 billion worth of financial awards to renewable energy producers.

It’ll help develop niches for solar energy by helping power/energy entrepreneurs with investments, infrastructure development and much more.

Steps Towards All Renewable Energy

To achieve the goal of 100% renewable energy production in New York, the following milestones have been set to mark the progress of the initiative:

  1. Increasing wind energy production by at least 4 times to a total of 9000 Megawatts by 2035.
  2. Increasing solar power production from 3000 Megawatts in 2023 to 6000 Megawatts in 2025.
  3. Creating energy storage facilities to store a total of 3000 Megawatts of energy.
  4. Creating $1.5 billion worth of projects to power 550,000 homes with renewable energy in New York.

Larsen Engineers is a municipal engineering firm that creates Green infrastructural solutions to create environmentally friendly Climate Smart Communities. The full range of services offered by the company includes developing sustainable design, environmental management and energy conservation solutions for the community. Get in touch with our offices in Rochester today for more information on our services or to work with us on your development projects.

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For NY Climate Smart Communities: In 2019, Let’s Work Toward the“50 by 30” Goal!

Two years ago, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo set the goal that New York would generate half of its electricity from renewables by 2030. The mandate had a catchy tagline: “50 by 30.

It was an ambitious announcement, one that had (and still has) the critics doubting the execution, especially after the state’s last goal to have 30 percent renewable energy by 2015 failed.

However, the climate smart communities in NY should not let their past experiences get in the way of shaping a greener, cleaner and energy independent future. Instead, they should learn from it, and resolutely work toward the “50 by 30” goal and do everything in their capacity to prove the doubters wrong. Many policy issues have been addresses and it is time to ACT.

If you haven’t already initiated plans for energy independence at your local municipality level, you can do so starting from this very year—2019!

The Challenge at Hand

Currently, the state of New York draws 45% of its electricity from non-renewable energy resources such as natural gas, oil and coal; 30% of its electricity from nuclear fuel, and 25% of its electricity from renewable energy resources.

That means, to achieve the “50 by 30” goal, the state must almost double its renewable energy production in the next 12 years. Quantitatively speaking, it must produce an additional 29,200 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy.

This is without a doubt a big challenge. However, with the increasing affordability of solar and wind power technologies improvements in processes, and thanks to funding programs organized by the state government, it can certainly be overcome.

More to It Than Meets the Eye

While transitioning to clean energy has obvious environmental benefit, it also has massive economic potential. This must be kept in consideration when evaluating the “complete” benefits of seeking energy independence at community level. Stanford researcher Mark Z Jacobson, and UC-Davis researcher Mark A. Delucchi, talks about the economic impact of shifting to renewable energy in great detail here.

So, are you willing to work toward the “50 by 30” goal?

Larsen Engineers can help you!

We’re energy engineering and infrastructure experts, specializing in the design and deployment of solar panel installation projects.

In 2018, our company set up six community solar projects (1 to 2 MW each) at different locations in the state of New York. We are trusted service providers and have over six decades of experience in the field.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your energy independence needs.

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Energy Brief: New York Vows to Go Zero-Carbon Electricity by 2040

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo wants to make New York “the most progressive state in the nation in moving to renewables.” To accomplish that, he has vowed to bring 100-percent carbon-free electricity to the state by 2040.

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It’s High Time the Environmental Impact of Dairy Farming is Taken Seriously!

On a map he keeps in his office, Ram Shrivastava, Principal at Larsen Engineers, marks a nearby spot that he says is one of the main milk hubs of the state of New York. The area houses 5 big dairy farms and about 30,000 cows within its County area.  Continue Reading

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What it means to go Green? – Infographic

Sustainable engineering explained in the form of an info-graph.

Image showing Infographic about consulting engineering service to state government agencies

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Working with Larsen Engineers – An Overvew of Our Services (Infographic)

This is an overview of Larsen Engineers services like structural engineering services, civil and environmental engineering. We also work on solar projects and wastewater treatment.

Infograph showing structural engineering services

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