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The Difference Between Green Design and Sustainable Design—and Why Both Should Be Part of Your Next Project

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The built environment is responsible for half of all greenhouse gas emissions. The construction and demolition of buildings produce 40% of all waste. If the global population reaches 9.6 billion by 2050, natural resources of three equivalent planets will be needed to maintain the current lifestyle.

As the world faces unprecedented challenges for life on our planet, companies are adopting environmentally friendly practices to transition toward a low carbon economy. Let’s understand the difference between green design and sustainable design and why both should be part of your next project:

green design

Green Design and Sustainable Design

People often use the terms green design and sustainable design interchangeably. Both approaches concentrate on environmental issues like air pollution and waste management, but the sustainable design is concerned more about the future and long-term prospects than the present scenario.

Green design

Green design is referred to the creation of energy-efficient infrastructure that is flexible and designed for long life. The primary objective is to have a minimal effect on the environment and eco-system. The development of a green design requires great consideration in terms of material selection and functionality without depleting natural resources.

Sustainable design

Sustainable design is more focused on minimizing the adverse impacts on the environment and improving the overall performance of the building. The primary goal here is to consume a minimal amount of non-renewable resources, cut down waste, and develop a functional and productive environment.

Understanding the difference…

Green design can be differentiated from sustainable design because of its short-term approach to environmental protection. The green design process is optimized to minimize negative impacts without exhausting resources available in the natural environment. The sustainable design process is more directed toward building a better future for the next generations.

Why both should be part of your next project

A sustainable design will make your building appear more attractive and striking. It will also improve the quality of the indoor environment. In addition to that, green design will minimize environmental impact through material and resource conservation.

Using both approaches will result in a sustainable green design that will help to improve the chances of earning LEED certification.

Larsen Engineers

Larsen Engineers has been developing sustainable design concepts for the past six decades. The company served as municipal engineers for several communities in the Western New York area and established itself as a leader in the protection of our natural resources.

If you’re looking for LEED-certified municipal engineering solutions in New York, contact Larsen Engineers today. We can assist in designing sustainable green design for your next project to conserve energy and produce green power. Contact us at (585) 272 7310 to get started.

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