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Solar Energy—At the Forefront of Fighting Climate Change

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Solar panels are considered one of the most accessible, practical, and eco-friendly energy saving solutions choices. Replacing conventional sources of energy with solar panels on a large scale can potentially help combat global warming.

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Here’s how solar energy is at the forefront of all the measures that are being taken to fight climate change.

Renewable Energy with Zero contamination

Using fossil fuel as an energy source requires burning them, which—as a consequence—results in high levels of CO2 emissions. This is perhaps one of the biggest drivers contributing to climate change as it contaminates the ozone layer that protects our earth against harmful rays of the sun.

Solar panels—on the other hand—enable us to generate clean, sustainable electricity. The energy production process is done at a molecular level using an infinite source of energy i.e. sunlight, and do not require burning fossil fuels. Therefore, there are no CO2emissions, which help in preserving the ozone layer.

Moreover, burning fossil fuel does not only result in the emission of CO2 environment but also takes up the finite resources of the earth. BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy 2016 showed that we have roughly around 50 years of both oil and natural gas, and about 50 years of 115 years of coal production remaining.

Solar energy is renewable and inexhaustible. Therefore, it can be used for centuries without worrying about the carbon footprint and environmental pollution.

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100% Recyclable Solution

Using solar panels is an excellent option to generate renewable and inexhaustible energy, but there are some natural sources that are required to create the panels. These materials mainly include glass, aluminum, cotton, copper, silicon, polymers, among others. The best part is that all these elements can be 100% recyclable.

This means that the manufacturing of the solar panel is also eco-friendly and will not lead to the exhaustion of natural resources. The recycling process enables to reduce the carbon footprint and requirement of finite resources of the earth, which—in turn—also helps combat climate change.

Moreover, solar panels have a great life span, lasting roughly around 25 years. This means that for more than two decades, you can enjoy clean energy with zero environmental impact.

Take Advantage of New York’s Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER)

In 2017, the New York Public Service Commission introduced Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER). A method to credit solar owners for the power uploaded via their solar panel systems to the grid.

If your solar system generates more energy than you need. The extra power goes to the utility grid, which is purchased by the utility in the form of a credit on your monthly energy bill.

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