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2020 and Beyond: What’s Driving Sustainable Site Planning Forward?

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Worldwide consumption and production trends depend on the use of natural resources. The built environment—such as homes, buildings, parks, schools, and transportation systems—affects both individual health and environmental quality. Cultivating flourishing communities and driving economic growth has become more important than ever.

In this blog, we’ll discuss sustainable site planning, why it is the future, and what’s driving it forward in 2020 and the years to come. Let’s get started!

What is Sustainable Site Planning?

A sustainable site plan is a practice to develop buildings and houses while taking into consideration the environmental impact of the building on the surrounding as well as the intended use of occupants. The objective is to create a site that has minimal environmental impact while still meeting the client’s project objectives.

Site selection and design play crucial roles in fighting the effects of climate change and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions as well as meeting the needs of the local community.

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What’s Driving Sustainable Site Planning Forward?

When it comes to residential properties, most people care about comfort, health, lower utility bills, and excellent resale value. In the commercial arena, businesses look for buildings that meet corporate mandates and improve the bottom line of their business—sustainable site planning ticks all of these boxes, which is why it has become more prevalent.

Sustainable site planning offers a multitude of economic and financial incentives to individuals as well as enterprises. Green infrastructure reduces utility costs through improved energy and water efficiency, which provide more value to tenants as well as landlords—the reduced construction cost results in higher property values for builders.

In addition to high-performance design, sustainable site planning results in improved aesthetics. Such projects provide more opportunities for design innovations. Architects and site planners can use their creative aspirations to design top-notch visuals and appealing buildings, which complement the functional benefits to maximize property value.

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The role of government in driving the market

Green buildings and sustainable site plans are widely supported by the state and federal government in the United States. The high-performance projects that involve investment in energy-efficiency programs and environmental-friendly initiatives qualify for incentives, which encourages more buildings and investors to follow sustainable practices.

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