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Benefits to LEED-Certified Commercial Space

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There are a number of ways your business can benefit from choosing to go green! You’d be surprised to know that there is a lot more to going green than just reducing your dependency on paper. Investing in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED building design is one of the ways you can do that.

Healthier environment

The HVAC systems in LEED buildings are equipped with allergy-friendly filters. These filters are also antimicrobial in nature. This is the reason LEED buildings enjoy better indoor air quality compared to traditional buildings.

When your office space is healthier, you also have to deal with fewer sick days and medical expenses. Even if you don’t have a LEED-certified workspace, you can still get the space retrofitted to meet the LEED standards.

Enhanced recruitment practices

Millennials tend to value workspaces that support their mental and physical wellbeing. Their work-related satisfaction takes a leap if the workplace is green-minded. If you’re a LEED-certified office that believes in environmental sustainability, you might be able to attract a potential workforce that believes in similar values.

A better public image

According to a recent study by Forbes, as many as 77% of the people in the US and Australia want to learn how to spend their lives more sustainably. Around 93% of the surveyed population have an increasing concern for the environment.

Individuals around the world have already started embarking on eco-friendly lifestyle methods. These include recycling, going plastic-free, and working on reducing their emissions.

This also means that communities prefer companies and buildings that promote LEED-friendly practices. That can also give your rand image a massive boost. Being green-minded differentiates your company from the rest of your competitors. Being LEED-friendly can also enable your company to come up with a sustainable strategic plan.

Cost savings

LEED-friendly buildings tend to consume a lot less water and electricity. Reduced utility bills will also boost your bottom line. This may even help you overcome the high rent that comes with leasing space in LEED-certified buildings. In fact, your business might even qualify for certain tax breaks if you’ve leased any office space in a LEED-certified facility. It also helps to look for a space in a special economic growth zone to further benefit from the tax advantages.

If you’re looking to invest in LEED-compliant and certified construction for your business space, look no further than Larsen Engineers. We have been a part of the Bergman teams that are working on the Monroe County Climate Action Plan for a long time. We are helping larger communities create roadmaps for sustainability actions to help reduce the carbon footprint. We are a multi-disciplinary engineering firm serving Northeastern US and Australia. More details are on our website.

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