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Climate Smart Communities: What You Need to Know

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In recent years, we’ve become more aware of how human activity can accelerate the rate of environmental degradation.

With an ever-increasing emphasis on enhancing environmental protection, the New York State government has announced a new partnership with local governments that will lead to a greener community. We’re, of course, talking about Climate Smart Communities – an innovative way to minimize the adverse affects of human activity on the environment.

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Today, we’ll be taking a closer look into what makes climate smart communities extra special, how municipalities can achieve this status, and what they stand to gain from it.

What is a Climate Smart Community?

Simply put, the Climate Smart Community program outlines practical steps municipalities can take to reduce their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and enhance climate resilience.

As the urban population is notorious for the amount of Greenhouse Gases they release into the atmosphere, a Climate Smart Community addresses the biggest contributor to global warming by nipping it in the bud. As a result, these greener communities curb their GHG production which makes the community healthier for its residents.

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The reduction of GHG emissions is just one half of the picture. To become a truly Climate Smart Community a municipality must also adapt to climate change and implement new technologies to help reduce the GHG emissions using clean energy measures in buildings and transportation fuel.

What does it take for a Community to become Climate Smart?

As discussed above, there are only two major pieces to the puzzle:

  1. The reduction of Greenhouse Gas emission beyond a certain threshold, and
  2. The implementation of programs that will make the community better prepared for the impending climate change.

The former can be achieved by minimizing the use of nonrenewable energy that produce a lot of GHG and by moving towards greener vehicles that are not powered by fossil fuels. As for the latter, that can be achieved by signing up for green initiative programs that make a community better prepared for climate change (more on that later).

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What are the Benefits of Creating a Climate Smart Community?

As discussed above, this is an innovative initiative was started by the New York State Government so you can rest assured knowing there a lot of benefits involved. The best advantages of converting your municipality into a Climate Smart Community include,

  1. Increased standard of living and economic growth.
  2. Reduced ailments and illnesses (due to the reduction of GHG emission),
  3. Leaving behind a better future for the next generation,
  4. Priority funding status from the New York State Government,
  5. Complimentary educational webinars and documentaries,
  6. Enhanced community infrastructure,
  7. Improved energy independence (a Climate Smart Community is the closest to achieve self-sustainability), and
  8. Improved quality of life and property values

How to Become a Climate Smart Community?

The process of becoming a Climate Smart Community is relatively straightforward; you ask your municipality to become more involved in green projects. From solid waste management western new york to wastewater collection and treatment, the more green projects your municipality completes, the more likely it is to become a Climate Smart Community!

A simple way to achieve this coveted status is to get the experts at Larsen Engineers on board! We take great pride in our wastewater collection and treatment and waste management services in Western New York that can help make your society greener than ever before!

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