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How Can Anaerobic Digester help the Economic Conditions on a Dairy Farm?

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The livestock and dairy industry in the US is a significant GDP contributor. It, however, also fuels several types of environmental problems, such as the production of potent greenhouse gases.

To make dairy farms sustainable, environmental engineering companies like Larsen Engineers focus on generating awareness about Anaerobic Digesters (AD).

Anaerobic digesters are used to break down organic waste like manure using powerful bacteria. This reduces methane diffusion, and the waste can be used to generate electricity. ADs are also beneficial in reducing pathogen growth and make organic waste more suitable for crop fertilization.

Let’s delve deeper to learn how anaerobic digesters can be used to improve productivity and eco-friendliness at dairy farms.

Catering Increasing Consumer and Market Demands

Food demand is growing by the day, and the agricultural sector is looking for innovative ways to increase production and crop quality. Using anaerobic digesters, farmers can use livestock manure to produce renewable energy and improve crop quantity and development.

In addition, they can also reduce their business’s carbon footprint by cutting down on methane production, ultimately enhancing air and water quality. Statistics show that due to high capital costs, right now, there aren’t many ADs in the US. But, they’re expected to generate 5.5% of the country’s electricity by 2030.

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Better Waste and Fossil Fuel Management

Another noteworthy benefit of deploying anaerobic digesters at dairy farms is improved waste management systems. The energy produced by ADs is called biogas. It can be used in generating energy. Farmers can use required resources and sell excess energy to upscale profits.

They can also use biogas to manufacture fertilizers for soil fertility. The economic benefits of ADs significantly depend on on-farm conditions, government incentives, and the use of products. This is where environmental engineers come into play. They increase AD deployment and plan synergistic management to reap the positive economic benefits of these systems.

How Can Larsen Engineers Help You?

Whether you own a small or large-scale farm, Larsen Engineers can help you install anaerobic digesters and other energy conservation systems for maximum productivity:

  • You will also be getting revenue from the Renewable Natural GAS (RNG).
  • Larsen Engineers will plan and arrange investment for ADs in your farm. We’ll also strategize and overlook the installation and operation phase.
  • Cluster anaerobic digester systems can also be deployed in more than two farms for more significant economic benefits.

In addition to anaerobic digesters, we also offer community planning, wastewater collection, solid waste management, structural engineering, and other types of civil and environmental engineering services across Rochester, NY.

Learn more about our Anaerobic Digester projects, or get in touch with us now!

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