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Sustainable Building: The Benefits of Early-Stage Consultation

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The advents in technology have redefined the modern building and construction industry. Early-stage consultation through experts has proven to be a valuable tool used in existing buildings and new constructions to make informed decisions. Building Energy Modeling (BEM) solutions also play a significant role in the energy sector, helping builders and contractors minimize carbon footprint, ensure compliance, and achieve green building certification.

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Early-stage consultationprovides detailed insights into the estimated total energy consumption of a building and determinesenergy conservation methods. Architects and designers use BEM tools to evaluate different building components like HVAC, access to daylight, and more. The demand for sustainable and energy-efficient buildings has significantly increased over the years, makingit more important at an earlier stage of the projects.

Let’s talk about the benefits of early-stage consultation to meet energy-efficiency goals:

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The Benefits of Early-Stage Consultation

Early-stage consultation comes with many benefits. Determining the energy needs at the initial phase of the project can result in better planning and improved decision-making. Ideally, the consultation should take place at the earliest phase of the project to:

  • Ensure that energy-efficiency and LEED certification goals are met.
  • Optimize a building’s energy-efficiency without incurring additional costs.
  • Achieve maximum energy savings to minimize carbon footprint.
  • Choose the right equipment and systems to optimize energy capacity.
  • Identify and eliminate flaws and risks that can negatively affect the project.

Improved strategic planning

Bringing experts who specialize in energy conservation on board will help you identify inefficient practices and develop a roadmap for the long haul. They will analyze potential issues and develop a strategic plan to maximize energy efficiency.

Involving the design team from the inception of the project allows them to find alternatives and parameters like building orientation, geometry, window-to-wall ratio, daylighting, and other elements, which allow them to develop a sustainable building design.

Therefore, municipalities and builders who want to develop eco-friendly and sustainable buildings should consult experienced professionals with engineering backgrounds during earlier stages to ensure maximum return on investment.

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