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The Future of Solar in the US is Brighter ! Here’s Why

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The sun is an incredible source of energy that is totally renewable and readily obtainable. New scientific advances have increased USA’sdependence on lunar vitality by plummeting costs associated with electricity production.

What’s more, solar power projects are now gaining massive traction and funding across the country, making it easier for communities to access better energy resources. Recently, the Department of Energy issued a new report named Solar Futures. This study revealed that by 2035, the USA would be able to generate 40% of the total electricity through solar plants.

In this blog, we understand why and what makes the future of solar so bright in America. So let’s get started!


Compared to previously used mediums and old-technology led solar cells, scientists and energy experts have developed more affordable solutions to create electrical energy. Initially, solar projects were set up to fulfill commercial and industrial energy demands.

Thanks to supportive government policies and energy conservation services providers, many communities have successfully installed solar panels . In the past decade, due to surmounting installation and maintenance costs, solar adoption in the US was less than 1%. Whereas, in 2019, this percentage crossed the 3% mark, and we can surely get it over 40% in no less than the next fifteen years.

Environmental Benefits

The traditional electricity production process is quite harmful to the planet. As environmental issues rise across the globe, solar projects have become important not, more than ever!

Electricity is produced by burning coal, oil, and several types of harmful gases. What’s more, producing electricity also leads to a significant increase in carbon emissions. As a result, it adversely impacts the climate and causes significant environmental damage.

At Larsen Engineers, we have experience of over forty years in the field of solar energy. Our team can help you design and fund solar development projects with high-level engineering quality.


Nature has provided us with solar energy in an abundant amount. This limitless source of energy shines on your home’s roof every day. All we need is adept engineering services and adequate resources to convert solar energy into usable electrical power.

How Can We Help You?

At Larsen Engineers, we’ve been offering renewable solar energy consulting services to several communities and businesses. Our quality energy conservation and community planning services have helped many clients in setting up reliable solar plants.

Our wide range of services includes solar energy consulting, community energy planning, construction phase engineering, and sustainable site planning, among many others.

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