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All You Need to Know About Anaerobic Digesters – Waste Management Western New York

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With public interest in renewable energy at an all-time high, anaerobic digestion waste management Western New York has emerged as a popular choice for the production of biofuels in an energy-efficient manner. For those of you who don’t know. Anaerobic digestion is an important process which is deployed to treat high strength wastewater. And organic food waste to make energy and the liquid effluent to be fit for re-cycling on agricultural land.

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Despite being used for decades, the public knows very little about these digesters. So, to help educate the masses, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide that details all you know about this important process.

What are Anaerobic Digesters?

Anaerobic digestion is the natural breakdown of organic materials by micro organisms in the absence of oxygen. As these microbes grow under warm conditions around 98F. The process is enhanced by mixing which generates bio-gas.

The best thing about anaerobic digestion is its unmatched versatility. Not only can it be used to treat manures and scraps of food, but sewage sludge and industrial waste management Western New York can also be treated by the process to reduce the carbon footprint.

Applications of Waste management Western New York:

Although there are many uses of anaerobic digesters, here are three of its most important applications.

1. Industrial Wastewater Treatment:

As far as the generation of wastewater is concerned, some food processing industries are the primary producers of high strength wastewater. As there have been instances of companies accidentally dumping waste water directly into local streams or lakes and reservoirs.

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Nowadays, rules and regulations encourage food processing companies to treat wastewater. And recover energy before releasing the effluent it into the environment.

Owing to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Factories can rely on anaerobic digesters to treat wastewater which reduces the impact of nutrients and generates energy as a source of new revenues.

2. Municipal Wastewater Treatment:

It’s no secret that all municipalities produce a lot of wastewater which they’re legally required to treat before discharging into the environment. Solid waste, in the form of sludges. It requires further stabilization. This is where anaerobic digesters come into the picture for economical treatment with energy recovery.

These microbes attack organic matter in wastewater sludge and break it down. Making processed, dewatered sludge fit for recycle and reuse. Generally speaking, anaerobic digesters used to treat municipal wastewater can be classified into two categories, namely;

  1. Mesophilic (microbes that operate best in moderate temperatures) – commonly used
  2. Thermophilic (microbes that operate best in high temperature) – having some potential for a few applications

3. Generation of Energy Fuels

Anaerobic digesters aren’t use to treat industrial wastewater as they can also be used for a plethora of different applications. In particular, many large communities are using this process to produce renewable energy fuels (biogas) for generating electrical power.

Apart from being a green source of energy. The best thing about these renewable biogases as biofuels is their potential use for making Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). To fuel the CNG powered large truck transportation. This just goes to show that anaerobic digesters are reliable sources of renewable biofuels for making electrical power or RNG fuel for heavy duty transportation needs.

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If you’re looking to adopt anaerobic digesters to treat the waste of your industrial waste treatment facilities. Or upgrade Municipal Treatment plant to produce transportation biofuels. Larsen Engineers would love to help. The Larsen Engineers team consists of municipal engineering experts that perform cost effective waste management Western New York services.

Pick up the phone and get in touch with us to learn more about how you stand to benefit from our energy and environmental engineering services.

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