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Wastewater Treatment—It’s More Important Than You Think

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Over the past few years, the deteriorating water infrastructure has resulted in rising ( sewer  bills across the country when upgrades are made. Wastewater treatment plants are one of the most critical infrastructure systems for public health and environmental protection. Environmental indicators show that we may confront Treatment  capacity limitations in upcoming years and that wastewater treatment is essential to mitigate the risks of running out of water.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater is created by using water for daily use, including commercial and industrial processes that often contaminate the water such that it cannot be used any further and needs treatment before discharge  . Failing to treat wastewater can harm the environment, so necessary steps must be taken to treat and recycle it to preventing it from negatively impacting our ecosystems.

Here are some key benefits of wastewater treatment:

Waste Minimization

The objective of wastewater treatment is to remove organic matter and  suspended solids from the effluent before it is discharged back to the environment. Wastewater treatment reduces the amount of waste released into the atmosphere, thereby minimizing the health risks associated with wastewater pollution.

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Energy Production

After the wastewater is treated, biodegradable material is left over, which can be processed through an anaerobic digester to convert it into methane to be used for energy production. Modern anaerobic techniques involve using a process called mesophilic digestion which combines heat and waste mixing  to maximize methane gas production.

Produce Fertilizer

One of the byproducts of anaerobic digestion is the biosolids  fertilizer that can be used as a soil enhancement and sold to gardeners. These materials are extensively used in the agriculture industry to maximize crop yields. It also reduces the reliance on chemical fertilizers that are harmful to waterways and surface ecosystems.

There are many benefits of wastewater treatment, including the reduction of costs associated with discharging as well as rehabilitation projects to combat water pollution. Municipalities should regularly upgrade their wastewater treatment equipment and restore function to old piping systems to ensure effective water conservation .

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