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Net Zero Energy: Energy Efficiency at Its Best

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Net Zero Energy is essentially the state when the energy produced by the use of on-site renewable Sustainable Site Planning consultants in a building. Or community is equal to the amount of energy that’s used.  It’s a concept that builds on the phenomena of energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy generation. It can be applied to homes, buildings, neighborhoods, states and even entire countries.

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The World Green Building Council is making a constant effort and taking coordinated action to achieve 100% net zero energy buildings by the year 2010.

The organization defines a net zero energy building as a site that conserves energy and is powered by renewable energy sources.

What are the Essential Components of Net Zero Buildings?  

A net zero building must have the following components in its design.

Passive Solar Design

A net zero building is designed in a way that the structure gains heat in the colder days. While in the warmer weather the structure has a cooling effect. This is done by making sure that the building is oriented properly. And the windows and doors are placed where it’s neither excessively hot nor cold. Not only does a passive solar design helps you conserve energy but it also saves the heating and cooling costs.

Energy Efficient Appliances

The appliances installed in a net zero building are energy-efficient; including the water heaters, refrigerators and dryers. One of the biggest sources of energy consumption is lighting and in a net zero building, it’s important to use CFLs, LEDs or motion detecting lights.

Renewable Energy Source

Solar, biomass, wind and geothermal are some types of renewable energy sources that are used to power up a net zero building. The source you choose to use in your building depends on the resources available to you at your location.

Benefits of a Net Zero Building

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Here are some reasons net zero buildings are gaining so much popularity in so little time.

Tax Incentives

The government of all the US states offers many tax breaks and incentives to the owners of net zero buildings.

Lower Energy Bills

By using energy-efficient methods to power your net zero building, you can save a lot of money in energy bills.

Lighter Ecological Footprint

A net zero building has lower greenhouse gas emissions. And so it is an initiative to ensure that you do not leave a carbon footprint on the environment.

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